Greetings, fellow nature enthusiasts!

The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.  -Henry Miller

A lifelong amateur naturalist and shutterbug, I am now gleefully retired from the world of corporate finance and information technology. My inspiration in producing images comes from expert naturalists who have taught me to truly SEE in the field, and from an urge to "collect" natural treasures and share them in ways that promote the appreciation of our natural world. I'm particularly drawn to wildflowers native to the mid-Atlantic area.

My self-imposed photographic principles are to shoot in natural settings without disturbing what I find, to use minimal equipment, and to subtly apply digital darkroom techniques to best express what I see. In fact, my entire kit fits in a small beltpack because I would rather be free to explore than be encumbered by the elaborate equipment and drive for perfection that some photographers crave. I just shoot whatever grabs my attention as I ramble (primarily in the mid-Atlantic area), having FUN and delighting in the thrill of discovery.

In recent years, my focus has shifted to channeling this philosophy via traditional art media -- my own two hands manipulating paper, pen & ink, graphite, watercolor, and colored pencil. I'm obsessed with the study and creation of drawings and paintings in true "botanical art" style, supported by an astonishingly generous community of talented mentor artists. Having such fun learning and playing!
So... come along and wander the trails with me. I hope you enjoy the views!                                          Janice

Proud member & supporter of:

- Audubon Naturalist Society
- Maryland Native Plant Society  
- Natural History Society of Maryland
- Maryland Biodiversity Project
- Brookside Gardens
- American Society of Botanical Artists  
- Botanical Art Society of the National Capital Region
- Colored Pencil Society of America

To navigate the site
The navigation tabs in the top right corner of every page point to the main sections of the site. Near the top left of every photo page, there is a breadcrumb trail showing where you are and how you got there, in case you want to backtrack.

To browse my images
Just click PHOTO GALLERIES or ART GALLERIES and go from there. The nature photos are organized primarily by general geographic area, then by type of subject. If you're a fan who likes to check back regularly to watch for new stuff, go to the NEW galleries to see the most recent additions -- or add this subscription to your favorite RSS reader.

To look for a particular subject or natural area
Click on FIND and select from a general index of the nature photos or enter a detailed term in the Search box. (Family & client photos are excluded.)

To purchase prints
I'm sorry, I don't sell notecards or prints any longer.

To use my art or photos
Volunteering in support of natural history education and environmental conservation is a priority in my life. I am honored to donate the use of my digital images to non-profit organizations contributing to those efforts. I prepare the files and ask that they be used without revision or re-cropping, be limited to an agreed distribution, be attributed to me ("Photo courtesy of Janice Browne" in caption, or including my signature watermark), and be linked back to this website if displayed online (

Terms and license fees for other uses are modest and vary based on the purpose, medium, and distribution. I like to share, so I grant only non-exclusive rights.

JPG files are sized and profiled to client specifications and made downloadable from a password-protected gallery on this website. Other delivery options are available if uncompressed TIFs are needed.

To contact me
Click CONTACT to send me a message. I'm constantly trying to improve my work, so I love receiving comments and suggestions -- and especially appreciate help with the identification of my subjects.

Portrait by Daniel Weil
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